Venice Wash is Sandonauto’s innovative washing service for professional vehicles.

At our specialized facilities, we offer a professional cleaning and sanitation service for commercial and industrial vehicles, covering both the inside of the passenger compartment and the outside of the vehicle.

Not only that: Venice Wash is also available on-demand. Call us and we, Sandonauto, will answer your need! With our specially equipped van, we can quickly come and clean any vehicle, of any size, anywhere.

Contact us to book Venice Wash on-demand or simply to find out more about this service.


(+39) 0421.330.780



Via Volta, 47 - 30020 Noventa di Piave (VE)


SS 309, 13 - 30030 Malcontenta (VE) Dietro distributore Vega

Venice Wash includes:
  • Exterior washing of industrial and commercial vehicles
  • Interior cleaning of professional vehicles
  • Cleaning and sanitation of industrial waste collection and treatment vehicles
  • Cleaning and sanitation of urban waste collection and treatment vehicles

Opening times: 8 am to 7 pm