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With our specialised equipment, we offer a professional cleaning and sanitising service for commercial and industrial vehicles: we take care of the interior and exterior, not forgetting the underbody. Even vehicles with uneven surfaces, such as tankers, receive a thorough cleaning thanks to our high-pressure rotors. For years we have expanded our services to include the operation of washing facilities for the cleaning and sanitising of vehicles transporting municipal solid waste (MSW) and other related vehicles. Each wash is unique and customised. That is why we quote in person, based on your needs.

Discover our washing and sanitising services

External washing

Washing of the inside of truck bins

Cab cleaning and sanitising

Sanitisation with ozone

On demand

Service on demand,
we arrive when and where you want.

This service is also available in on-demand mode: you call and we answer! Thanks to our fully equipped van, we can intervene quickly to clean any vehicle, of any tonnage, at any location.

Where can I find washing and sanitising services?

Our services.
Everything for your vehicle.

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