Good news comes through the front door, especially at Sandonauto.

Good news comes through the front door, especially at Sandonauto.

The new IVECO STRALIS NP, the first natural gas truck designed for long distances, has finally arrived.

Voted “Project of the Year” at the European Gas Awards of Excellence 2017 in Vienna, it is a revolutionary vehicle for sustainable transport.

The new IVECO STRALIS NP is the answer to the ever-increasing demand for environmentally friendly vehicles across Europe. Using natural gas, the most environmentally friendly fuel brings significant benefits to the environment:- it improves air quality, drastically reduces CO2 emissions and also reduces noise pollution in urban centres.

It is synonymous not only with care for the environment but also with peace of mind with respect to the new restrictive regulations on diesel vehicles entering city centres.

With its 400 hp engine, it has nothing to envy diesel in terms of performance, load capacity and versatility: in fact, it has the same load capacity as a diesel-equivalent truck with a range of up to 1,500 km. When used over long distances, it allows significant savings, especially over 120,000 km/year.

As always, Iveco looks to the future, not only for its own business but also for the well-being of our planet.

We at Sandonauto fully share this philosophy.

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